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Main » 2009 » August » 3 » response Jenie-how to optimize a blog or site and increase PR
response Jenie-how to optimize a blog or site and increase PR
Thanks Jenie, I will try to briefly explain:

You need to study the structure of creating a blog or website. on any blog or web site you have the possibility to adjust the structure of the way you answered. If you have only one topic then I would recommend a blog, but if you want to present a lot of new topics, it is much more practical web site. In any case, I would recommend you to the home page put only necessary content and links that will lead to deeper content of your blog that is on the second page of your blog, or even otherwise your blog or website. You do not never put on one page of content more than 35MB. In this way, your site will be a very good load (less than 1 second), will thus exceed the depth of your blog to be very quickly loaded, and return back. This all adds a lot to the PR of your blog or website, and not only that, but in this way will increase traffic to your blog, because every visitor more like visiting sites that are fast loading and it takes a lot less traffic than sites that a very long time loading, the non-optimized website, each visitor to give up, and you are losing traffic, which is very important for every owner of a blog or site, traffic maintained site alive.
To create a site like mine you can through my site to register on UCOZ service and choose a free or paid option, then the one that suits you at the moment, to start I recommend the free and then you can simply pass on the pay and have their own domain. Content from your blogs, you can simply copy the new page or blog. Favorite goody you need to study how to work with the new page and then you can easily and quickly transfer content from blogs or add new, within UCOZ page you will have the possibility of writing blogs. Otherwise, UCOZ service is very professional and supports every aspect of operations and earnings over the Internet.

here I recommend the following for optimizing your website.

   Most before you need to analyze key words, learn how to search key words in google search engine. You need to watch that every key words related to your topic on your website. Then you need to choose key words that correspond to these and write them in notepad, so that later you can easily copy whenever you need. Programs for analysis of key words:
https: / / / select / KeywordToolExternal

Then, using some of these recommended programs for the analysis of web pages you need to create the META-TAG, that you will do with the meta tag generator, it has almost all of the proposed program, then you need to copy and paste your META-TAG in the HTML of your initial CODE site, most better at the top before the other. NOTE: every time you change content on your homepage then you need every time to re-paste the META-TAG, which is why it is good to do your META-TAG also record using notepad, so it easily can be copied to your home page when any changes to the content. This is not necessary if you change content on other pages of your blog. Ok, now you have done your META-TAG go to optimize your site, here are some programs that you can very easily do, feel free to explore the programs, so that you may be most suited then apply it. I think I did this first because the most simple and immediately gives the suggestion of what you do and what is good and it's not alone. Applications for the Analysis page:

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1 jenie=)  
zvonko...thank you for your patience with me.

i just read this post of yours due to my long absece to blogging. i am back and now visiting friends once again, you're one of the firsts of course=)

again, thank you and hope to see more of you in my blogs=)

2 alfafriend001  
I will always be glad to help and we can be free to go for help if you need, I thank thee that I stavljaš in the first place as your friends smile

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