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21. Trumpcenter   (10.02.2010 20:46:55)
great site about make money... i like it... biggrin

20. ...   (10.01.2010 17:23:49)
Thank you
Answer: thank you also

19. Susan   (07.01.2010 21:49:58)
Hi! Have nice day! smile
Answer: thanks,nice day also, nice greetings :-)

18. rapwoin   (10.12.2009 18:29:45)
Answer: Thanks for visiting

17. Сергей   (19.11.2009 17:23:44)
0 вот что ты спрашивал
Answer: Thanks for visiting

16. Mandy   (13.11.2009 20:06:13)
Hello Zvonko. You have a very nice and interesting HP. Wish you a great weekend.
Greetings from Belgium. tongue biggrin cool
Answer: Hi Mandy, thanks for the nice view, nice greetings from Bosnia and Herzegovina :-)

15. Parry   (30.10.2009 07:32:37)
What an interesting website! biggrin


Answer: thanks for the compliment my friend

14. Arnold   (16.10.2009 08:21:14)

very nice site you have here, best regards from France,A visit of your share on my site would please to me.
biggrin dry

13. Arnold   (16.10.2009 08:19:25)
very nice site you have here, best regards from France,A visit of your share on my site would please to me.
biggrin smile
Answer: thanks for your compliments my friend, nice greetings from Bosnia and Herzegovina

12. tony   (06.10.2009 19:52:36)
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11. tony   (06.10.2009 19:48:00)
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Answer: thanks for your information to a friend, a nice greeting

10. tips dan informasi   (04.09.2009 09:21:07)
hello my old friend, long time no see u again
Answer: Thanks for visiting my dear friend, it's nice to meet old friends, nice greetings :-)

9. Lynda   (10.07.2009 17:12:00)
You are right. There is an English translation. My bad. sad
Much to do on net Over 30 Traffic exchanges, including LR, over 10 Yahoo groups plus my many friends on some social networking grps.
Nevertheless I did peruse your site too quickly and I'm sorry I did.
Your site is very interesting and I'm happy I stopped by.
Answer: ok Lynda, your apology is great, I'm sorry for my reaction, but it angered me because this is not the first such case is a very lot of effort and time needed to write my page in two languages. Sorry i am you, I hope you accept my apology.:-)

8. Linda   (27.06.2009 01:54:55)
Hello my friend.
I thank you for the visit.
Hope Your A Wonderful Weekend ! smile
Answer: Thanks Linda, I also thank you for visiting and I wish you a happy weekend :-)

7. Lis Indra   (24.06.2009 07:34:11)
I posjetite moj brat, najbolje želje za uspjeh i srecu uvijek. Pozdrav iz Indonezije ...
Answer: hvala ti na lijepim željama moja sestro,ja tebi također želim sve najbolje u tvom životu, lijep pozdrav iz Hrvatske i Bosne i Hercegovine

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